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6 Reasons to Consider Co working Space Phoenix

Various innovations in today’s setting have rendered the usual 9-to-5 job unnecessary.

6 Reasons to Consider Co working Space Phoenix

Additionally, because of these advancements, like wireless technologies, high-tech forms of communications, and, most importantly, the power of the Internet, the amount of startup companies and aspiring entrepreneurs is constantly increasing annually.

In fact, a statistic shows that in 2010, there were 2.50 million new businesses. This number increased to 4.35 million in 2021, which is a whopping 74% increase.

Because of this, it may be difficult for a startup business in Phoenix or anywhere in the world to find a base for their operations: an office. This is especially true if the industry you’re planning to enter demands multiple team members; you may find it difficult to house all of your employees.

Even though you can consider a remote working setup, you may encounter a problem when it comes to meeting clients or have a team meeting. To resolve this issue, you should consider a coworking space.

What Is a Coworking Space?

Generally, a coworking space can be defined as a neutral area where a person or a group of people work independently on their respective projects.

But it’s different from a typical office setup since the people in a coworking space aren’t working under the same company. Hence, you may have a person working as a writer, while you may also find one who’s doing online teaching.

The similarity between a coworking space and a traditional one is the fact that the former also offers the same amenities that a usual office has.

This means the best coworking space Phoenix has to offer already includes the basic necessities for an employee to work comfortably, like WiFi, conference room, printers, snacks, coffee/tea, and more.

Also, if you don’t have a sufficient budget yet, you can still find a coworking space that simply provides a desk and WiFi.

Reasons to Consider a Coworking Space

Now that you have the gist of what a coworking space is, you may still be doubtful whether renting one is the right decision to make. To help make things clearer for you, this article will present some benefits you can gain when you opt for a coworking space.

Whether you’re a business leader or an employee, here are some reasons to consider a coworking space:

1. Cost-Effective and Flexible

Some people would argue that traditional office space is the solution that your startup needs. But this only applies to companies who have the budget to rent one in the long term.

If you don’t want your company to be financially constrained when it comes to renting an office space, then the best solution you can make is to have a coworking space.

For one, you won’t be obligated to rent office space for the entire year. Some may even offer a day-to-day basis.

Additionally, if you want to have a team meeting, you can also rent a meeting room for the day; hence you won’t be tied up into paying rent for months without using the facility, giving you more financial flexibility.

Additionally, coworking is generally a cheaper option than renting an office. For instance, if you’re working in Phoenix, for instance, you can rent a shared desk for around USD$25 a day, which is about USD$250 per month.

You can also opt for a dedicated desk, which is priced around USD$400 a month. On the contrary, office rents are usually priced around USD$1,000 per month, depending on the size and amenities.

An office space may also come with a fixed term for at least six months.

With the figures shown above, it’s clear that you can save money if you opt for a coworking space.

2. Get To Save on Beverages and Snacks

Working from home may result in cabin fever; hence workers will have the need to get out of the house to boost their productivity.

They may pack their work essentials, like laptop and phone, and go to the nearest coffee shop to have a change of pace, allowing them to focus on their work.

Although this may sound like a good idea, if you constantly work in a coffee shop, then you may be tempted, or sometimes obliged, to pay for your coffee and some snacks. The prices for these may range from USD$5 to USD$10 a day.

Now, imagine if you go to the coffee shop for three working days a week. This will sum up to around USD$15 to USD$30 per week, which is already an added and unnecessary expense on your part.

In addition to the amount you’ll be paying for coffees and bagels, some coffee shops may have unreliable Internet connections.

Also, these places are where people usually meet up with friends for a chat, which can be distracting. Hence, a coffee shop may not be the ideal working setup.

For a similar price or less, a coworking space already has free beverages, like coffee and tea, and you get to have your own desk. Additionally, people in this space would also be busy working; hence, you’ll have fewer distractions.

3. Helps Avoid Isolation

As mentioned above, working from home may result in isolation or boredom, and there you won’t gain any benefits if you cut off everyone.

However, having regular interaction with colleagues can be healthy as it can stimulate your creative processes, resulting in more productivity on your part.

One of the ways to make this possible is through a coworking space.

In a coworking space, you may also find people who are also in the same industry as you who aren’t necessarily your colleagues, allowing the sharing of ideas.

Hence, you won’t feel any competition, which may cause demotivation, but you’ll only be getting support and inspiration to do well.

Still, even if there’s no one who’s in the same profession as you, you’re still bound to meet new people from different industries, which is rarely the case if you’re cooped up in your home.

Also, if you’re the business owner, then it’s good to know that research has indicated employees may do well in a coworking environment.

First, they may value the sense of community that a coworking space brings. Also, they’ll subconsciously work harder since they’re in an ‘office’ setup.

Additionally, since you’ll be sharing space with people working in different industries, you may learn new job skills, and there’s always the possibility that you may enter a joint venture to come up with a new business idea.

4. Perfect Location

Usually, most businesses want to have their headquarters located in a major city; however, since there may be an issue of high demand and low supply, which means that the prices of office spaces are expected to be high, which may result in you opting to go to the suburbs to find a space suitable to your budget.

However, most, if not all, coworking spaces are already located in the heart of the city. And, as mentioned above, the monthly payment is way cheaper than renting a whole office.

Thus, you get to have an ‘office’ in the city while paying less compared to a whole office.

5. Have a Professional Image

Meeting potential clients and prospects in a home office or a coffee shop doesn’t really speak ‘professionalism,’ which may damage your business’ reputation.

But if you’re meeting in an office setup, then there’s a huge chance that clients may take your business more seriously, especially if you’re in a comfortable and spacious conference room.

Also, you get to have an ‘office address’ in your business cards or websites, making your company more professional and reputable.

6. Security

Last but certainly not least, coworking space has state-of-the-art security around the premises, like smart door locks, security guards, and CCTV cameras. And, security is always important in any business venture.

More often than not, offices will always have better security features and services than homes. Also, a coworking space is usually accessible 24/7. This gives you peace of mind whenever you’re working late.

How to Find a Coworking Space

If you’re already convinced about working in a coworking space, then it’s time to know how to find one. Fortunately, finding a safe and comfortable coworking facility isn’t that difficult, especially if you reside in a major city like Phoenix.

A simple search online would even churn up several options.

Ideally, it’s best to choose one or two options that aren’t far from your home. The reason for this is for you to cut off commuting. Then, visit your options so you can physically see the amenities offered by the space.

After seeing the amenities and the area, it’s now up to you to decide which one you find comfortable and suitable for your budget.


Regardless if you’re a freelancer for several years, a startup, or already an established business, a coworking space is a solution to improve your productivity levels while reducing your costs.

In addition to the financial saving you’ll get, a coworking space also gives you the needed flexibility and setup so you can focus on your work while providing you with the services every business needs, like WiFi and an ergonomic chair and desk.

Also, you get to meet other professionals working in different industries, enhancing your social circle. (3)


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