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6 Ways to Write an Essay Fast

Loaded with several and complicated school works, students like you end up cramming often.

6 Ways to Write an Essay Fast

For a time-consuming task such as writing, you need to allot an extensive period for finishing it. At some point, you might find yourself setting only an hour to write your essay.

You may opt to have your work done by professional writers at perfectessay.com if you have the means.

However, you can still do it as long as you strategize and focus well. To learn more about how to write an essay quickly, you can read the tips listed below.

Understand the Assignment

Before doing anything else, you have to familiarize yourself with what to do first.

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Without understanding your assignment, you might produce an output that does not comply with your teacher’s instructions. Some teachers give complete guidelines with scoring rubrics to let you know all the information you need about the project.

However, some prefer to provide you with more freedom in the process. No matter which one you have, you still have to seek clarifications.

Talking to your teacher about the task will enable you to have more details and answers to your questions. If you are confused or unfamiliar with the activity, you should not hesitate to ask because they can help you.

You can ask them the question, “How do you write an argumentative (or any kind) essay more effectively?” And their responses might actually surprise you.

They might give you some tips they did not share with the rest of the class. So, maximize the opportunity to ask for more information and advice.

Compress All Your Thoughts on Paper

Are you familiar with “brain dumping?” In a nutshell, it refers to writing down ideas during a brainstorming session. Students often skip this step because it takes some of their time from the actual drafting.

However, it is essential as it allows you to “dump” all of your thoughts about your topic. Through this process, you get to assess your prior knowledge and see which direction to take.

To do this, you need to get a writing instrument, whether the digital or traditional means. Then, write as many insights about the subject as you can.

Once you have gathered all of them, organize them using numbers or highlighters. Compile all related ideas so that when you outline, you already have the information you need.

Afterward, formulate a thesis statement based on what you have listed and organized.

Spend 20% of Your Time on Outlining

After developing a clear and specific thesis statement, you can now proceed with outlining. Like brainstorming, it is also a step often skipped by students.

However, it is crucial in making an organized essay. If you want to learn how to write a good essay, you should learn how to outline first. It will allow you to prove your argument logically and coherently.

Although there are several kinds of outlines that you can use, it is advisable to use the standard one. Because it is easy to utilize, you can put all your ideas in it without much hassle.

To do this, start with an attention-getter and a short context. Then, write your thesis statement in the last part of the introduction. Afterward, put the main points and their corresponding supporting details on each body paragraph.

Lastly, reword your claim and summarize the points in your conclusion. Using this method, you can see the development of your insights and points and organize them logically.

Focus On Quality Over Quantity

Sometimes, students ask their teacher the question, “How long is our essay have to be?” They might be interested to know of two things: the bare minimum and the maximum number of pages or words.

Knowing this information allows one to schedule how much time to spend on the task. Also, it will give an idea of how to compress or expand the discussion of the topic.

Thinking that the longer the essay is, the better it will be is not helpful. In reality, it might even be counterproductive. Aiming to reach the maximum number of pages might lead you to lose your argument’s direction.

So, it would be best to focus on writing a well-structured and coherent essay than beating around the bush. No matter how short or long you intend your work to be, the length will not determine its quality.

Write the Conclusion and Introduction Last

What is an essay without an engaging introduction and a memorable conclusion? It just becomes a bunch of words without context.

Introduction and conclusion are essential parts of an essay because they provide an overview of its content and purpose. Therefore, it would be best to do it last because you have already written the entire output.

Doing this allows you to grasp how to capture the interest of the readers in the introduction. Also, it would be easier for you to summarize something you have already finished.

Some students struggle with how to start. They focus their attention on looking for the perfect “hook” because they know its importance. While searching for it, they tend to feel unmotivated because they feel like going nowhere.

Or they lose the insights they had in the beginning. This is why the brain dumping step is essential.

Instead of wasting time thinking of the most appropriate attention-getter, write the body paragraphs first, then do the introduction last. This way, your motivation to write will keep going.

Don’t Forget to Revise

Even if you only allotted a short time for your project, you still should not forget to proofread and edit. You should not submit your work without doing this step.

It is because you might have missed out on some mistakes while you were drafting. Grammar and organization are crucial criteria in your teacher’s scoring rubric, so make sure that you check on these before submitting.

To do this fast, you can use free grammar and spelling checkers online or on your word processing software.

Also, you can get essay help from custom writing services that offer proofreading and copyediting. No matter which method you choose, it reduces your chances of receiving corrective feedback.

Learning how to make an essay longer in a short period is not easy. Because the task itself is time-consuming, you should dedicate ample time to do it.

However, you can follow the tips, like outlining, brain dumping, drafting, and editing, so that you can finish before the deadline. Even though it seems impossible to do it, you must be disciplined and manage your time well.


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