Writing as a Business; How to Start?

Many people dream to write and publish at least one book. And some people turn the craft of writing into the main source of stable income. And it is not necessary to have a rich imagination and be able to build dashingly twisted plot lines.

Consider Getting in Touch with a Literacy Agency

On the Internet you can find a lot of announcements about finding authors for writing books. As a rule, these ads are placed by literary agencies. These are commercial organizations that act as intermediaries between authors and publishing houses.

In fact, they are looking for authors, buy out the full rights to their works and resell them to publishers, of course, with their own markup.

What to Expect from a Literacy Agency

Thus, with the help of a literary agency you will be able to publish your work, get some fame and a symbolic fee. The amount of remuneration to the author is usually about $ 25 per author’s sheet (40000 characters with spaces). In addition to agencies you can get a job in one of the services for writing essays and dissertations. For example, https://writemypaper4me.org/.

Keep in mind that when submitting a manuscript to an agency to represent your interests in publishing houses, most intermediaries require one or more text processing services (review, proofreading and editing) to be pre-ordered from them. The cost of writing a review of your work will be at least $10 per text of up to 20,000 characters or more. Editing services will cost $0.1-0.5 for every 1000 characters.

When to & How to Look for a Publisher Directly

Please note: a literary agency does not guarantee that your manuscript will be accepted by any publishing house. They simply send it to different editors and publishers with their review.

Thus, if you have a ready-made manuscript that you think may be of interest to a publisher, you can negotiate directly with the publisher.

Why do you need a publisher? In case of a positive decision, the publisher will bear the cost of preparing your manuscript for printing, its layout and the book itself. The author only provides the text and receives a fee. The publishing house is engaged in advertising and promotion of the published book, organizes its sale. If the book is successful, it organizes a large-scale PR campaign, holding meetings of the author with readers, conferences, interviews, etc.

When applying to the publishing house you should have a ready manuscript (perhaps, not fully edited). In addition, the manuscript must be accompanied by a synopsis – a summary of the content of your book and a short description. All this should fit on one (maximum two, if it concerns scientific works) A4-size sheet.

If it is not a work of art, the synopsis should indicate the qualifications of the author (proof of his competence), a brief summary, an indication of the possible target audience and additional explanations (if necessary). The synopsis with the manuscript is sent to publishing houses. On the website of any major book publishing house the usual postal and e-mail addresses are indicated, to which appeals from new authors are accepted. Then all you have to do is wait for feedback.