Writing Made Fun With Letterforms

No matter, how much the use of technology has spread across various disciplines of life, a large chunk of population still relies on the use of pencils and papers to write, especially those in the non-tech fields.

The freedom and speed of writing with pen is something which the teleology is yet to catch. Letterforms is a California based company which is committed to deliver breakthrough writing products.

letterforms logo

They deliver high quality dry erase notebooks which are being used in various parts of the world. From jotting down the lecture notes, to drawing logos to scribbling, the dry erase notebooks of Letterforms can be put to many uses.

Now, you can use the notebooks a million times that too without wasting even a single sheet of paper. Letterforms is available in three sizes to suit the requirements of various types of people. They use patent pending reusable pages which are covered with a special type of coating that allows the user to erase and reuse them infinite times.

Letterforms in their own words:

The patented technology used in special coating of the notebook allows our products to be used a million times. Not only it helps to save money but also provide speedy writing to the user. Even if you have written the text with a permanent marker, you can clean it and reuse it with ease.

Why Letterforms is in spotlight?

Letterforms provide a fun and easy way to write, that too, without wasting a single piece of paper.

Official Website: https://www.letterforms.org/