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Wusic; The Crowd Buying at its Best

Group buying and daily deals have increased exponentially in the past five years, but still the market has new opportunities. The basic reason for the success of group buying is that it’s win-win for both sides.

In general, the group buying sites negotiate with businesses to work out a price for certain items, whereby the businesses do offer discount items, still keeping their margin. The discounted prices in these group buying websites are though a good options, but still very expensive, because the middleman is still involved!

The actual winning situation for consumer happens when the middleman is out and he’s sold the item right at factory price. Wusic is crowd buying website that does this for you at it’s best. They bring you the actual savings by going straight to the manufacturer.

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All you need to do is to get the app in your device, browse the wish lists or create your own. Every item needs a minimum number of wishes in order to get the deal activated, so do not forget to tell your friends! The more friends you tell, the faster the deal will be available.

Once, the minimum number is filled and the deal is on, Wusic will notify you. Deals are open for a limited amount of time, and will be shipped directly to your doorstep once closed.

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The benefits do not just end here, but you keep on earning a passive income by referring your friends to Wusic. When your friend signs up for Wusic using your referral code, you get a share from all their future purchases which you can use to buy more of your favorite items.

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Wusic in Their Own Words:

Wusic is a revolutionary disruptive consumer to business model that connect consumers directly to factories through Alibaba platform and there are no competitors now. As a global demand aggregation platform based in San Francisco, we let consumers tell us what they want, then get it for them. Wusic is currently available in the US, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, with more countries in the near future.

What Brings Wusic to the Spotlight:

Consumers get maximum savings by buying direct to factories right from their smartphone.

Wusic Website: http://www.wusic.com/

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