; Bridging the Gap Between Celebrities & Audience

Many of us get chance to meet industry experts, influencers and celebrities and such meetings are highly useful! You get a chance to ask questions and get answer from your favorite celebs; you get to know things better and can find a significant improvement within yourself.

Unfortunately, not everyone can have direct communication with their favorite celebrities and so many things remain unasked, unexplored and unimproved! Knowing the need, came into existence. It’s a platform that bridges the gap between celebrities and audiences; experts and their colleagues; and individuals and their peers by enabling respectful, meaningful Q&A experiences.

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It’s not like asking questions to the community on other Q&A sites. Here at, things are different; when a user signs up, he gets his own profile page, and you ask question to particular users only.

There are people asking questions to their favorite TV show host, CEO, fiction writer and getting answers.  It’s the crowd interviewing; so don’t worry if someone has already asked your question, just upvote the question and show your support!

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With, you can communicate with your favorite celebrity, industry experts, researchers, professional, economists, artists and whoever you wish to. Ask them interesting questions just as you would ask them in person. If other people have a question similar to yours, they can express support for your question as an upvote. The more support a question gets, the prominent it becomes and the much easier it becomes for the celebrity to respond to multiple fans with a single answer!

yes no logo in Their Own Words: is a Q&A social network that lets you ask the people you admire the things you’ve always wanted to know.

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It bridges the gap between celebrities and audience making communication easy, faster and more productive! Website: