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Yoga Bag: Why It makes sense to invest in one

Yoga is an activity that you can do any day of the year. It is a great physical activity not just for the body, but for the mind as well. Although most people do yoga within the comfort of their homes, some choose to join yoga retreats outdoors. In fact, there are places like Tulum, Mexico who become popular due to these yoga retreats. Presently, joining in a Tulum yoga retreats requires an appointment. If you’re the type to do yoga outside your home, it makes sense to have a yoga bag handy.

A yoga bag or mat bag is a must-have to go with your yoga mat. There are so many types and styles you can choose from. Depending on your needs, design, and the quality of materials, there is a bag for you.

Why Buy a Yoga Bag?

The biggest reason to invest in a yoga mat bag is to have room for everything you need every time you do your yoga exercises and meditations outdoors. With a good bag, you’ll have lots of room to keep different items compartmentalized. By having different compartments in your bag, you can keep used towels and clothing separate from other items. This way you won’t transfer the smells or the moisture to your clean clothes, electronic devices, or other items. Some bags even come with padded compartments, which sounds perfect if you own a Kindle/iPad/books and you plan on using them after your yoga routine. It’s great if your bag has a separate compartment for your water bottles—this can remind you to keep yourself hydrated at all times.

Although a useful bag is great, you’ll also want to invest in one that’s good quality. Most yoga bags use Velcro and clips for great adjustability and quick release from the bag.

Yoga Bag Designs for All Lifestyles

Whether you’re a gym rat or one who prefers to go to the gym once or twice a week, you’ll find a yoga mat bag in a style that best suits you. There are many available options, including shoulder-strapped bags, handheld bags, or even backpack style. Each design has its own merit when it comes to the ease of use when it comes to moving around with them. Whether you’re going to the gym, a hike or even a long trip, a yoga mat bag will really come in handy.

Quality You Can’t Deny

Th first thing people usually notice and look for in a yoga bag is its design. But you should care more about the quality of its build and materials instead. You definitely don’t want to own a bag that looks cute but absorbs smells and holds onto them forever–you definitely wouldn’t want to use it again to the gym or fitness center. Yoga mat bags come in different materials ranging from cotton to polyester, and there are also some bags that use lightweight, top-grade ballistic nylon. But regardless of the material you get your yoga bag in, make sure that it is going to be easy to clean and keep in good condition so that it’ll last for years.

Another thing you need to consider when checking the quality of the bag is how you are going to carry them. You’ll want to get a bag that comes with good quality, strong straps that can handle wear and tear. In addition, if you are using a bag with shoulder or back straps, get one with good quality, durable padding. This is going to make a huge difference to your comfort.


Things to Store in a Yoga Bag

Although you don’t need to bring a lot of stuff with you to practice yoga, there are certainly a couple of things you can bring to make your yoga session more pleasant, more convenient, and more accessible. Listed below are some of the essential things you can bring with you to the gym or yoga studio:

A change of Clothes

If you’re heading off somewhere beside home straight after your yoga clothes, better bring along a change of clothes or two. You certainly wouldn’t want to leave the studio all wet with sweat.

A Towel

Doing any physical activity can cause you to sweat. Some people sweat more than others, and this can be true for yoga. Have you ever sweat so bad in a yoga session that your yoga mat has become more like a slip-n-slide? Not a good sight, right? It might seem funny when your hands or feet slide when you’re doing a certain position and you could end up landing in your belly, but that’s not really a good thing if you get hurt. Therefore, if you’re going to be attending a vigorous yoga class, or practicing yoga in a heated room, bring a towel to wipe off the sweaty parts of your body. Doing this will give you extra stability when your mat becomes a hot, sweaty mess.

A Water Bottle

Keeping a bottle of water with you is important to keep you hydrated all the time. This is true especially if you have spent an hour and a half working up a sweat.

Some Healthy Snacks

You can store healthy snacks and other healthy food in your yoga back that you can eat after your yoga class. Packing your food or snacks with you is a great idea as it will help you avoid going off your diet or help you make healthier choices food-wise. You can simply pack a piece of fruit, or a bag of trail mix an you’re good to go.

Eye Pillow

Nothing can be more relaxing than putting on a cool, soothing eye-pillow during yoga class. You can bring your own eye pillows instead of using the ones they hand out at the yoga studio. These eye pillows can be used for restorative poses or Savasana.


Regular gym bags aren’t big or wide enough to securely fit a yoga mat inside. You need to get a yoga bag that will not only carry your mat but other essential items as well. You’ll have more peace of mind knowing that all the stuff you need is in one bag.


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