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Tribe: A Hyper Scalable Free eCommerce Platform Disrupting SAAS Software Industry

In Q2 2020 ending in June, eCommerce sales accounted for over 16% of total retail sales, which is a significant jump from the previous year, according to the US Census Bureau.

Amid a fluctuating retail landscape and changing consumer habits, retailers are forced to accelerate their shift to eCommerce. But, this doesn’t mean retailers should list their stores anywhere online.

Customers no longer accept subpar digital shopping experiences. In order to retain consumers and stay afloat in an over-saturated industry, retailers must ensure a stronger digital presence.

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Retailers Accelerated Shift to Online Retail

As businesses face exorbitant survival challenges, it is important for them to pick the right eCommerce solution that is sustainable, scalable, and future-ready. But the right solution varies from business to business. For instance, large-scale enterprises looking to build an eCommerce website would prefer an on-premise software like Magento or Yo! Kart.

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In contrast, startups, retailers, or small & medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are more likely to choose SaaS (Software-as-a-service) based software due to offered benefits like ease-of-use, low cost, regular updates, and ready-to-use solutions.

However, there are many limitations as well, such as recurring costs, data security concerns, the limited scope of customizations, no access to code, and more.

Retailers looking to survive and maximize eCommerce business opportunities must choose a reliable e-commerce software that not only offers SaaS benefits but also eliminates or minimizes any limitations associated.

Introducing Tribe: An eCommerce Software That Is Disrupting Traditional SAAS-Based Industry

Tribe is a hyper scalable eCommerce platform that empowers SMEs to resonate success in business. It is a unique solution that not only offers the benefits of SaaS-based software but covers disadvantages as well.

For instance, the software is built using secure Laravel technology so data security isn’t a concern with Tribe.

The platform is integrated with all basic and advanced retail features to simplify your eCommerce store operations. To understand better, let’s discuss a few integral features that distinguish Tribe from other eCommerce software.

Free for Lifetime:

Tribe removes the pricing fear that every startup has in mind when starting an eCommerce business. Tribe is completely free-of-cost eCommerce software. Unlike SaaS software, there are zero set up, recurring, transaction costs for using Tribe for your online store. Also, being free doesn’t mean it has limited features or no available support. The free ecommerce software is packed with advanced features such as POS, Drag & Drop CMS, Multiple payment gateways, etc. Also, Tribe offers 3 months of free support and installation.

As written on the Tribe website, the only charges of using the solution will be in case a client wants to do additional customization and needs mobile apps.

Secure Laravel Technology:

The software is built using a secure Laravel framework that follows a robust user authentication process, uses Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) tokens to prevent fake requests, and offers other security features to reduce vulnerabilities.

This allows developers to keep improving application security and eliminate threats such as data security concerns, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and more.

Moreover, it allows for faster integration with third-party applications and offers controlled access to resources.

Source Code Ownership:

Unlike SaaS-based solutions that offer access to just template and design changes, Tribe offers full ownership of code. This empowers businesses with the freedom and flexibility to build a highly customized eCommerce store.

Highly Scalable:

Tribe-powered eCommerce stores can be seamlessly integrated with new functionalities or additional customizations, making it a highly scalable solution. And scalability is paramount for businesses especially SMBs since they need to maximize return on resources. Scalability makes Tribe an efficient, future-ready solution for enterprises to invest in.

Drag and Drop CMS editor:

For ease of use, it comes with an intuitive Drag & Drop CMS builder that allows complete freedom to create, design, and manage your store just the way you want. Use drag and drop CMS editor to easily customize the front-end and build a personalized storefront.

Readymade Native Apps:

More than 50% of global website traffic came from mobile devices in the third quarter of 2020, according to Statista. Thus, to ensure survival or gain a competitive edge in an over-saturated industry, Tribe has ready to launch native apps. The mobile apps will be available at one-time pricing.

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SMBs (Small & Medium Businesses) play an integral role in global supply chains and maintain close relations with the local community, business partners, and employees. With the increasing need for digitization, Tribe is a suitable Free eCommerce platform intended to help such SMBs go digital effortlessly.


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